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Mountain of hash (1 score grounded up)
Fucking amazing hash we picked up for £50 for a half ounce.


Yeah I’m not stopping fuck that.

I’m stopping smoking. [Day 0]

Well I’ve had my last cigarette and hopefully forever. Hoping from support from friends etc, but we will see how it goes, I am determined to stop as my Grandad has recently died and I think every time I have a smoke that I’m doing him wrong. He was a heavy smoker and went cold turkey one day and never touched a smoke to the day he died. Hopefully I can do the same.

Sorry to my friends for this, I will most likely be a moody prick, but love you all <3




Honestly I’m the stoner who never goes to parties and when I do, I’m always the one blazing in a small group at the back 


So fucking true

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My system specs cause people were asking. That’s a 7.8 out of 7.9 by the way.

Why do you have 32GB of RAM

Becuase Faster Computer, More Ram More Fast, Especially for Music

Nah man, more RAM is just to say you have more RAM than others, more RAM doesn’t make it quicker, just stops it from slowing down.

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